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Synchronized With The School
Curriculum — and, Going Beyond.

Individualized — One-to-One — Online

Dedicated, Exclusive, superbly Individualized, and Private Tutoring
— Math, Physics, and ACT/SAT Prep —

  • One Tutor Dedicated to Each Student — Always the same Tutor.  It takes time for the tutor and student to really come to understand each other and form a bond of mutual trust. For teaching to be effective, a student must have one-and-the-same tutor exclusively assigned to her/him.
  • Student Specific — Tutoring Methodology, Style, and Content tailored to the need of each individual student. The Teaching Method is interactive, engaging and energizing.
  • Specific to Student’s School and Teacher — Beside each school adopting a different textbook and curriculum, teachers have their own ways of working on problems, and they demand compliance to their ways in doing the homework and tests — Teaching Lessons are, therefore, have to be very much individualized for each student.
    We keep track of the course work at the student’s Primary School and make sure that the School’s curriculum is covered.
  • Emphasis on Concepts — Prescriptive practice examples are used to thoroughly explain the underlying Rules and Concepts — Solution Methodology dissected and evaluated. Students are encouraged to come up with an alternative method to solve a given problem.
  • Tutoring our Students in this Manner is extremely Demanding — It consumes a lot of Time and Energy — On an average, we have to assign Two hours of work for each One hour class.
  • For such an Exclusive Tutoring – among TWO of us, we cannot take more than 12 students.
  • It is Real Teaching — Dedicated, One-to-One, and Individualized.

Online — Via Internet — Anywhere in The World

Our tutoring classes are conducted online — in your home – at your convenience. It is one-to-one class – very intense, interactive, and engaging.

The Student and Tutor both work together on the same online whiteboard – The Content and Work Material is also loadable on the whiteboard — Skype (or the whiteboard itself) facilitates the voice communication.

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