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Dedicated, Exclusive, superbly Individualized, and Private Tutoring
— in Math, Physics, and ACT/SAT Prep —

We recognize that it takes time for the teacher to fully evaluate and come to know a student’s strengths & weaknesses, and develop a teaching methodology that best suits the specific needs of that students — It also takes time for the tutor and student to really come to understand each other and form a bond of mutual trust. For teaching to be effective, a student must have one-and-the-same tutor exclusively assigned to her/him.

At Mathonia, there are just the two Tutors who work closely and in concert with each other — Mina Khan and Parwaiz Khan. One of them will be the Dedicated Tutor of the Student — from the start to all the way to college.

Parwaiz, with M.S. in Physics, has a strong background in both mathematics and physics. His passion is working on intriguing mathematical problems, theoretical physics, and writing. Mina, after earning her M.S. in Mathematics, proceeded to work on her PhD in Mathematics at UIC. Her PhD concentration had been in the application of Mathematical Algorithms and Routines to solve complex and ‘difficult to solve’ problems.

Their teaching endeavor started in back in 1998 — The Mathonia Tutoring Program is the result of many years of thoughtful work in developing an effective tutoring methodology and the compilation of content and material.

Online — Via Internet — Anywhere in The World

Our tutoring classes are conducted online — in your home – at your convenience. It is one-to-one class – very intense, interactive, and engaging.

The Student and Tutor both work together on the same online whiteboard – The Content and Work Material is also loadable on the whiteboard — Skype (or the whiteboard itself) facilitates the voice communication.

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