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Teaching — The Mathonia Way

— With Dedication & Care —

▻ OnLine One-to-One Tutoring ◅

▹ Personalized & Individualized to the specific need of each Student ◃

We are staunch believer in the fact that the human Brain is primed to Learn.

If the Teacher imparts the knowledge - with Care and Passion, Students Learn.

▹ At Mathonia, Teaching is a Personal Endeavor ◃

We Teach and prepare our Students for this high-tech world -
the Old Fashioned Way—with Passion and Care.


▻ Time Constraints force us to be Selective ◅
▻ Please review our Enrollment Policy ◅

Mathonia Tutors & The Task of Teaching

Teaching the subjects like Math and Physics and preparing the students for the college entrance tests is a very specialized job. The essentials for effective teaching are:

  • Proper education and training in the related fields.
  • Real work in testing and developing the Content and Material for teaching.
  • And, Passion for teaching and educating our young generation.

Tutors at Mathonia have the Education, Experience and Passion necessary to teach and prepare students for success in Math, ACT, and Physics.

Mathonia Tutoring Methodology

Mathonia Teaching methodology provides the essentials for success to students. It is Real Teaching, thoughtfully tailored to the needs of each individual student. We teach students at all levels with the same care — with Focus on both the long-term and short-term objectives of students and parents.

High School and College Level:

Working with our high school and college students, we go steps ahead of the standards of their schools and take an analytical approach to teaching. The idea is to help them understand the concepts so thoroughly that they can decipher and solve any problem presented to them by their teachers — Through examples, modeling, and visual aids, we help them see the sequential and relational connections between the myriad of postulates, theorems and formulas. They should be able to improvise and derive their own formulas to solve a given problem.

— We do improvise our teaching methodology based on the needs of our students:

While the in-depth conceptual understanding is essential to success in college and AP level exams, to help prepare our students for time sensitive tests, like the ACT, the focus is shifted more to teach them the methodology and techniques to figure out the correct answer fast.

Junior-high and Elementary School Level:

Teaching younger kids requires a deep understanding of the human learning process along with a thorough command of the current teaching methodologies in practice at their school. Further, in order to 'transfer the knowledge' to them, we need to connect with them at their level — We listen to them, and engage them in discussion to help them fully understand the concepts and ideas involved in the process of solving problems.

We are staunch believers in the system of education that promotes the mental attitude and process of Analytical Thinking in kids at the earliest age — Every lesson and activity at Mathonia invokes the process of critical thinking in our students.

Common Core Standards — and Beyond

Long before the 'Common Core Standards' mandated to become the 'standard' of teaching at our public schools, Mathonia has been following the same standards at its 'core'.

Teaching and preparing students following the Standards of the Common Core requires a lot more preparation and work on part of the teachers. Above all, teachers themselves have to be well versed and comfortable with concepts and methodology involved in the teaching process.

Teacher at Mathonia are well versed and fully trained to teach our students following on the Common Core Standards — We go a few steps further, though.

With our students' regular school in session, we continuously adjust and re-calibrate the material that has to be taught and the topics that have to be covered so that they stay on top of class, and, at the same time, keep on making up for the gaps and weaknesses that have been accumulated over years. It is a lot of work, and a tough task to accomplish. But, we do it — with passion — to help our students succeed.


▻ Enrollment Policy ◅

Teaching is a unique profession - It requires something more and beyond the mere education and experience in the subject area — It requires a Passion for passing the Knowledge to the Next Generation and concern for their future.

As for as we have observed, we are the 'lone lot' in our field. Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to find any qualified tutor who could teach our students with the same passion and care as we do.

We can, therefore, accept and enroll only a very limited number of students — 12 in our Mathematics and Physics classes, and 4 for ACT Prep classes — and, that is including our students that come ('online') from as far away as China.

Due to these limitations, the Enrollment at Mathonia is strictly by:
▻ Interview and mutual Understanding ◅

Students are accepted on the basis of their willingness, desire, and commitment to work hard and be focused on Learning to get the full benefit of our Dedicated Teaching.


▻ Student Help and Solution Resources ◅

Over the eighteen year period that we have been teaching and working with our students - from the college level to elementary school, we have compiled in-depth explanations and solutions to thousands of real problems — covering the topics from Differential Equations and Calculus to Fractions and Proportions, and from Physics to ACT Prep.

We are currently working to put all that work on the website and make it available to all.

We understand that however well written, online solutions and explanation cannot take the place of one-to-one tutoring. But, it will be a great help to those who we cannot accommodate, or to those may not have access to private tutoring.

It is a daunting task in itself and, as the time and resources permit, will be done gradually.


Mathonia Website is currently being Redesigned on a dynamic platform to facilitate the availability of more Resources online for the benefit of Students from across the world.




♦ The ACT ♦

To do well on the ACT, students must be attuned to reading and analyzing information very quickly to make the right choice fast.

The ACT tests your ability to read, interpret and reason - And, from the perspective of colleges, the presence of these skills are the indicators of college readiness.

Your objective here is to develop the techniques and learn the 'tricks' to figure out the right answer quick.

Mathonia's Student Specific ACT Prep Program is geared to best prepare students for optimal performance.

♦ Math ♦

Math is Cool

Math, in a way, is very much like K′inex or Lego’s, you make amazingly complex models by connecting very simple and easy to interconnect pieces together. The key is to come in tune with the underlying concepts and handle the pieces the correct way to click them together — The rest simply follows through.

Math is Cool

The beauty of Math is in its natural simplicity. Behind the scary mask that has been put upon it, there is a lovable face. The purity and inherent truth of its nature bestows upon math an aura of majesty. This mathematical majesty is trust and confidence inspiring.

From the simple Additions to Differential Equations and beyond, mathematics is a set of naturally simple to understand rules — From these very simple rules we derive the complex mathematical concepts and tools that help us solve many of our real world problems.

Math is Cool

The Quadratic Formula seems confusing to kids, but once explained properly, they get very comfortable with it.

Math is Cool

Pascal Triangle is pure fun. It helps us find Binomial Coefficients, and the Probability of complementary events - the easy way.

Math is Cool

Thirteenth Century Math Manuscript.
It was the commutative work of Mathematicians that provided us with the foundation of our modern Math.



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Elegance in Simplicity

Mathematics — at its core — is comprised of simple, logical and straightforward concepts and rules that are natural for our human brains to grasp. These very simple concepts build on top of one another to give us math that seems very complicated and complex. But, the base of all the complex branches of math rests on the same simple rules and concepts that are so easy to grasp.

Once students fully understand the underlying concepts and natural rules that form the foundation of math, they start appreciating the inherent truth and beauty in math and love to play with it. Once working with math becomes fun for them the rest, of course, is easy.

Math – A Human Construct

Mathematics - simply put - is our way of measuring and quantifying the “things” around us. It is a tool that helps us clarify and understand concepts, ideas and objects. It is convenient and, at the same time, very powerful.

Our modern mathematics is an evolutionary product. It is the cumulative result of study and work done by the human race over thousands of years. It has evolved to be extremely sophisticated and complex to accommodate our exceedingly complex and sophisticated needs. But, at the the core of all its complexity are those same very simple and logical rules.

On its evolutionary journey, math has followed a very logical pathway — As a human construct, mathematics' purpose is to simplify our lives; not to complicate it.

When it comes to teaching Math to students, we have to explain to them the logic involved in each of its progressive steps. They should understand the reasoning and methodology involved in each step taken to solve a problem.

Once they come to understand the basic concepts and reasoning behind the solution methodology, they become comfortable with it and their natural curiosity guides them to play with math.


Math is Everywhere !

Our modern world rides on Math. Though invisible, Math is everywhere.

The driving engine of each and every Video Game is Math.

Mathematical algorithms are behind a lot of software that we use — Spreadsheets, Movie and Image Processing programs and Digital Signal Processors.

Animated movies and graphics (“Toy Story”, “Madagascar” , “Monster, Inc”, “Lion King” etc.) all drive on the elegant engine of mathematical algorithms.

Digital TV transmission, in fact all type of radio communication, relies on Mathematics.

All digital communication (think Internet), data integrity and security is based on math.

From designing Cars, Airplanes, Ships, and Toys to Weather Forecasting, Math is at work.

Without Math, we wouldn't have RSA Encryption and you wouldn't be able to do any thing securely online (shopping, bill payment, bank transactions etc).

Learning mathematics exposes you to a kind of logic and elegance you won't find anywhere else. Many of the greatest Computer Scientists are trained as Mathematicians.

All engineering professions are grounded in Math.

Scientific innovation and our human progress is dependent upon our command of Math.

And, with the right help and support, Kids will naturally love Math.

More practically — in this fast changing world — the earning potential of the next generation will heavily rely on their knowledge of Math.

On top of it all, Math is really Cool and Fun.


You can Count on it!